Find a good supplier to start your amusement business

Absolutely, every single piece of our playground equipment is made up of nonpoisonous and environment friendly material. So, when kids are enjoying their happy time on our equipment, they will have no necessary to worry about their safety. By the way, our products are all approved for safety by the TUV, CE, and ISO.

Who are we?

In fact, our company is a combined enterprise of production and sales. We have more than 20000 square meters place for the production factory, as well as the office buildings. In such a huge factory, there are 24 series of products being produced. You can also find them having attractive shapes. During the past years, we have been working all the time to update our product lines and our technologies to continuously meet customers’ needs. Due to our strong capability and high-quality, we have earned a good reputation from our customers around the world.

We are here to help you

If you have checked out our website, you will know that we have almost all the things you need to start your indoor playground. From the whole indoor play structures to the separate soft play equipment. Still, we have ball blaster, merry-go-round, integrate game, climbing wall, spider game, toddlers’ play area, and so many these things. In the past times, we have helped many play places build up their own indoor play grounds that are already proved to have attracted many visitors. Not overstating at all, you can easily find our logo with a little attention paid in those super markets, family play rooms, children ministries, theme park, and many other play centers around the world.

As we have talked above, we are the reliable equipment supplier who you can relatively count for. Except for this, we are also an innovatively leader in this industry. Throughout all the time, we have been keeping on updating our designs to help our products absorb in the new fun. Just in 2019, we have published dozens of new designs of our products that can be seen in our “2019 new design” column. We have been always trying our best to providing the innovative products while still in high-quality to our customers coming from all over the world.

Nowadays, children living in over 60 countries are having fun with our playground equipment. This fact demonstrates our strong commitment to providing high-quality, as well as fun equipment for our customers.