3 hottest redemption game machine

Redemption game is a type of typical arcade game, from which players can proportionally get a reward based on their scores. Usually, the reward will be tickets that can be won with a high score. If you have got enough tickets to meet the exchanging lines, you can redeem it at a service bar for a corresponding prize. Though the reward type is unitary, the game types can be made into different types with redemption game machine. For example, boxing game is the most common one in those indoor arcade game centers. Give a punching at the bag to get a higher score for more tickets. In recent times, there are three types of redemption arcade game machine become very popular.

Boxing King


This kind of redemption game machine provide a way for players to have fun and reduce their stress. It has equipped with dynamic music that can attract those athletic people. Because of its not so big size, you can easily settle it up in a game center or an amusement park.

How to play

Feed the machine with required coins to help it start the game. After that, a boxing bag will rise up out of the machine and time displays. Within the given time, you have to give the bag a big punch to get a high score. Otherwise, it will automatically enter to next turn. Normally, you will be given three times to punch to get a score that will be added up to your final performance that will displaced on the score board. If someone break the existed record, he or she can play one more time.

2 Players Hit Frog Redemption Hammer Machine


The whole cover of Hit Frog was painted into a frog color that can attract those little kids. Its scoring board was built into a shape of a frog’s head that looks pretty adorable. This machine has two sides available for two players to hit frog at the same time. The hammer is made of soft sponge that will prevent harms from kids when they accidentally hit their own hands.

How to play

If you are alone, you could choose one of these two sides to start your game. Also, you can play with your friends at them same time too by engaging in two sides. When game starts, frogs will drill out of those holes at a random and sneak away in a second. So, you have to hit them at the moment they come out to get a point. 

Twin tower


The Twin Towers is also a type of hitting class game console. Each P-bit of this game machine has twenty-five light grids that match to a different score. The crash area of this machine has employed reinforced materials so it can bear a huge impact.

How to play

After the player puts in the game currency, the game starts. In the game score area, the lights will be extinguished and you have to use the hammer to hit the knock button in a response. As a result, you will get a score and the machine will reward you with lottery tickets.

Playing a redemption game, players can reduce their stress by a hitting. Also, players will proportionally get some tickets that can be exchanged into gifts later. The chance of success can be changed, if you need you can ask for our instructions.

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