Bust colorful balloons to get prize from Balloon Buster Prize Redemption Balloon Game

Colorful balloons can always a big eye-catching point in the area where kids come frequently. Blowing up a balloon and tie it up will always give the children a strong sense of achievement as they have finished a terrific project. While the balloon is floating in the air, down there will be a group of excited children who are trying to jump as high as possible to get the balloon. Based on this enthusiasm, the indoor playground equipment manufacturers have smartly employed balloon to work together with their arcade game machine. So, the product will have more attracting parts that can give the player a deep and long impression. The Balloon Buster Prize Redemption Balloon Game machine is one of the latest arcade game machines that employ balloon to entertain the patron.

The Balloon Buster Prize Redemption Balloon Game

The Balloon Buster Prize Redemption Balloon Game machine has three glass-fronted billboard in total, of which the front one is made in rectangular shape while the side faces are made in elliptical shapes. The three different windows successfully add some fashion elements to the whole game machine. Inside the show case, there are five balloons that are painted in different colors floating in the cabinet. Each of balloon is attached with a small gift that you can get if you can bust the balloon. The whole cabinet is made of aluminum material so that it weighs a little and can be moved easily with four rubber wheels reducing friction. The aluminum frame is painted with carnival theme that can always light up the patron’s passion while they are walking by. Under the bottom of the front window, there is a small red platform that has a joystick and a button. The joystick is used to control the move of your “weapon” inside the cabinet while the button is used for a punching.


  • Terrific graphics: No matter the inside or outside of the machine, there are exciting and colorful cabinet graphics that will give you a satisfying visual beast.
  • Quick and fun play: This machine is one kind of coin-operated machine, so, you can start the game right away as long as you put in asked coins.
  • Different prize options: Not like ordinary prize redemption game, this balloon buster prize game will offer you five different prizes. In this case, you will have right to pick up your favorite one from these prizes.
  • Catchy sound effects: When the machine is talking to you, you will think it very vivid and smooth too. In this way, the great sound effects will make the game so interactive that the player will soon get addicted to the play.
  • Adjustable game settings: To provide different levels for the player, you can change the game settings. Due to our specific instructions, you will have no difficulty making such an adjustment.

When the colorful balloons come together with arcade games, you will become more excited and longing for a try soon. The Balloon Buster Prize Redemption Balloon game is considered as one of popular prize redemption games that can bring to players a great time.

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