Give a passionate punching on fire boxer boxing machine

There are many boxing tournaments hold in American every year, which can always light up your enthusiasm by passionate boxing. Indeed, boxing can always force your blood to rise up because of its wild and initiative feelings. Actually, boxing is also considered as one kind of sports that can help you release your pressure and relax then. When you are giving a big punching on the bag, you will be able to emit a large quantity of your pressure. Our fire boxer boxing machine was just made with this purpose and it can also be played under several different models. On the one hand, you can enjoy the game and challenge the highest record to get bonus. On the other hand, you can release your stress with a cool hit.

About the Fire Boxer Boxing machine

The whole shape of the Fire Boxer Boxing machine just looks like a telephone receiver of landline telephone. The bottom side function as a standing platform, which is made of stainless steel. So, the platform can sustain a huge weight and maintain a lasting work. There is a LED screen built in the cabinet can make a real-time record according to your punching mete. The bag is hanging on the top of machine and it was made of wear and tear material so that it will not be easily broken while can still stay in a good shape after a heavy use.

About its features

  • Multi-language: The Fire Boxer Boxing machine can speak in several different languages like English, Spanish, German, French, and Russian. So, you can always entertain your customers no matter which country they are from.
  • Optional bill acceptors: We have 1 or 2 optional bill acceptors available in case of a replacement. Also, we can provide optional second coin mechanism for you if you want.
  • Optional prize capsule: For the prize capsules, we usually have toys, coupons, or free drinks, which are dispensed by the machine. Of course, if you need some other capsules, you can also send your specific requests to us.
  • Optional prize receipt printer: Our machine is equipped with special printer software that enables you to offer any kinds of prizes you like such as t-shirts, toys, mugs, or free drinks.
  • Optional ticket dispenser: The ticket dispenser can help add more fun to the boxing game. Once the player gets a high score or even break the record, the bonus will give an affirmance to their achievement. In this way, they will be happy to succeed in taking another turn.

The fire boxer boxing machine has perfectly combined the boxing with redemption. So, you can not only offer them exciting boxing experiences but also can bring them a sense of achievement with a gift.

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