How to Move Arcade and Pinball Machines Safely?

When Uncle Bobby gave you the retro arcade machine, you proudly put it in the living room and played with all your relatives and friends. Now you want to do the same thing in new house. However, it is a problem that how can you move your favorite arcade machine safely.

Moving the arcade machine safely without the help of a professional porter, you should pay attention to some important factors and there are a few steps that you will not want to miss.

Clean Your Machine and Remove All Loose Parts.

If you don’t want your arcade machine to start a new life with a pile of dust, so when you unplug it, clean all the surfaces thoroughly. If it is completely disassembled, some multi-part machine or pinball machine may disassemble your treasure. If you’re worried about how to put them back, you can take pictures of the whole process and pack them carefully.

If you want to know how to move the pinball machine, you have better remove the pinballs from the machine and store all of them safely. And then, secure the flippers to both sides of the machine with painters’ tape to prevent damage. If possible, remove the legs of the table. If you want to disassemble more thoroughly, you can search some related videos online which will show you how to disassemble it.

Protect it With Shrink Wrap When You Go Out.

You need very large and very strong plastic wrap. Because you will want to protect your machine from scratches, the use of plastic wrap will not increase too much volume, so a few bags of protective plastic are enough. Avoid using any tape directly to the machines themselves to prevent damage to art or paint. If your machine is heavy, use a ramp and a mobile car with a belt to make transportation safer and easier. You can also get some help from your relatives or friends.

Once Outside, it’s Time to Lay Cushions and Blankets.

Keep your arcade machine as upright and smooth as possible during transportation, especially if it has internal moving components like the pinball machine. These fragments are usually light in weight and easily disturbed or broken. Before loading the machine into the truck and binding it safely, wrap the machine with a moving blanket or other gasket to protect the machine during transportation.

It is not easy to carry valuables by yourself. If you cannot make sure whether you can do this safely, let your porter use their expertise and equipment to make sure your favorite game machine gets to your new house safely.

Make Sure it Can Get Through the Doorway and Plan Ideal Route. It’s a big problem when you already have the machine at hands but find it difficult to get through the door, so measure it in advance to make sure it gets in. Maybe You need to remove hinges or doors, so deal with the problem in advance. Plan your way through the house and remove the obstacles that may trip you.

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