Planning scheme of indoor children’s amusement park

The development of our economy has reached a certain height. The consumption structure of society is also changing. With the decrease in the demand for food, clothing, housing, and transportation, various travel services are now more and more valued by everyone. There are all kinds of recreational activities for adults and children, and the recreational activities market is increasing every year. As the number of children in China is about to exceed 400 million, the scale of China’s children’s consumption market is further expanded. Now many traditional industries are not easy to do business, the size of the consumer market for children increased year by year, many people want to open an indoor children’s playground. But a lot of people do not have the management experience of this respect, so they hesitate to start the construction and planning of indoor children’s playground.

planning of indoor children's playground

The selection of the indoor playground site comes first

1: the site you choose must have convenient transportation. Only convenient transportation can make your indoor children’s playground have enough radiation area.

2: indoor children’s playground must attract more people, this is the core of the choice of an indoor playground. Such as the community, it is best to open in a larger community, because there are more people; Shopping mall, the bigger the mall is, the more popular it will be; Amusement park, supermarket, school, preferably near the kindergarten.

3: areas with high population density. Only if the population density is higher, the frequency of parents patronize is relatively higher. In this area, there are people of all ages and social strata, and there will be more customers. Due to the large turnover of the population, it is easy to apply for a membership card, so the sales will not fall suddenly, which can ensure the rapid return of the cash flow of the store.

The area size of indoor children’s playgrounds should be decided according to the number of people around the site. If the crowd is large enough, you can choose a larger area for your playground, so that you can put more equipment to attract more children to play. The larger your site is, the more equipment you need to put in, the greater your investment is. If your own funds are not enough, even if there is a large place to put equipment, it is not useful.

Speaking of opening an indoor children’s playground, the choice of playground equipment is important.

According to the theme, it can be divided into an indoor playground category, electronic amusement machine category, puzzle manual category, electric amusement category, and mechanical amusement category. The indoor playground contains an ocean ball pool, interactive slide, electric rotating class, beach pool, spiral slide and so on. Electronic amusement machines are generally coin-operated electronic amusement machines. The puzzle manual category includes building blocks and so on. Electric amusement includes bumper cars and so on, mechanical amusement generally is the revolving horse and rotating aircraft, pirate ship and so on. Therefore, if you plan to open an indoor children’s playground, you can plan your own playground according to the size of the space according to the above categories.

Therefore, choosing the right indoor playground equipment supplier can help your business.

The future prospect of indoor children’s playground is very good, there is a very large blank market. If you want to run the idea of indoor children’s playground, I hope this article has some help to you.

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