As we know, the indoor playground now is a very attractive project. For many investors, they would like to open an indoor playground but they also afraid that they don’t know how to run it successfully. So, here we provide a few tips for you to make your business more successfully.



A few indoor playgrounds choose to include recognized kindergartens in their facilities, or focus mainly on the educational curriculum. Some people may even receive the funding of state or federal for their education programs. These facilities tend to focus on a way of learning, like the Montessori approach.

Although there is a high demand for these courses and parents are also willing to pay tuition fees, these companies will need to follow the guidelines of course and abide by their parents’ expectations, which will put a lot of pressure on them. Even those institutions that are not certified will face a great deal of competition and will need to continuously rotate and improve their curricula in order to maintain the relevant educational value.

The small gym is a combination of this model and the open membership model. They focus on Gross-Motor courses, but members pay every month, no matter how many courses they actually take. Although they have been successful in this model, they always need to hire and train the best employee and educate them on teaching methods in order to maintain a leading position in their field of expertise.

There are a few different indoor playground models to choose from. In my opinion, the biggest mistake most institutions make is that they think they can focus on all of these and succeed. However, these facilities always do not last long or allow owners to work sixty hours a week to maintain all different sources of income. Even if your boss has full-time employees to assist them in their business, focusing on a few different areas may confuse potential customers and confuse them with your focus or mission, which will make you an afterthought.


A restaurant based on food and function can also be successful in the industry. For example, the lemon tree restaurant in Los Angeles, is an upscale restaurant with indoor space for children to play with. They are proud of the food they choose, and whether you have children or not, you can enjoy it. Although they also hold parties and events, they are famous in local for their special dining experiences and food services.


Some institutions choose to provide temporary care for parents in need of rest or working parents. In Los Angeles, Wiggle and Work is a good example of this business model. It’s like a day care center, but parents stay at home, so it’s really like a joint office space with a nursery built in. This model can focus on both occasional care and membership. As more and more companies allow employees to work at home, so the need for flexible parenting is increasing. I expect more indoor playgrounds to pay attention to this model in the future.

Hopefully, some of the above suggestions will help you in running a successful indoor playground.

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