The profit model of indoor playground

The profit model of indoor playground mainly includes ticket income, toy and snack income, and booth rental income of indoor playground. The specific implementation is described in detail below.

The indoor playground has huge development potential, ways of profits are multiple

Indoor playground ticket income

Indoor playground ticket income: The main profit income of the indoor playground is the entrance fee, which is 15-20 yuan per child. Prices are divided according to age groups because they can cause different levels of wear and tear of playground facilities. There is no charge for adults, but parents will be offered a place to rest with wifi and sofa seats so that both adults and children can relax.

Membership card income: Membership card is divided into the monthly card, half-year card, annual card, etc. After applying for the card, members can enjoy a 7-10% discount on the basis of the single ticket price. Or members can pay a one-time fee of six months to one year, and enjoy a discount of 7.5 to 20 percent on the price of a single visit.

Income from selling snacks and toys in the indoor playground: In the spare area of the playground, you can sell snacks and small toys by yourself. The income is mainly from the toys, snacks are just an attraction to children, those who came to the booth mostly aim to buy some snacks, then they will see the toys. So that’s the goal. The toy is a high profit and high yield, so selling toys is a substantial profit income.

Income from selling souvenirs such as socks and stuffed toys: Many indoor playgrounds have socks and stuffed toys and other souvenirs, which is also a large income in the indoor income. With the continuous improvement of parents’ care for children, many parents are willing to buy toys and other items for them, and the price of toy souvenirs is small. Most indoor playgrounds require children to wear special socks when they come into the playground, so selling socks and souvenirs is also a part of the profits.

Revenue from of water bars and snacks: Most indoor playgrounds have water bars and snack shops, which not only make it convenient for parents to wait for their children and provide snacks for them to replenish their physical strength, but also broaden the channels of profit sources for playgrounds. In the amusement park, the water bar and snacks also make a lot of money, and the price is higher than the retail price, so this aspect of income is very high. While accompanying their children, many parents also choose to spend some time in it. Another profit from the water bar is its rent.

Other income: In the indoor playground, there are many other ways of income. Many playgrounds also have a number of photo commemorative activities, parent-child activities and so on, and the price is not cheap. More and more indoor children’s amusement parks are cooperating with some childhood education agencies, offering parent-child training classes and children’s professional experience classes.

In addition, the indoor playground is also very important for daycare. If you want to know about this, you can click here.

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